About our Jungle Gyms and Playground equipment

iPlaygyms was established in October 2011.We have pride in manifacturing quality jungle gyms that are not only fun and safe but also beautiful and unique.

We manifacture, deliver and install Play gyms in Johannesburg, Pretoria and surrounding areas that are in a radius of 400km from Johannesburg.

Deciding on which type of playground equipment to buy can be challenging, whether it's for a backyard playground or a school. You want to find something that is both safe and fun for children to play on and enjoy. Our jungle gyms are made of a combination of fiberglass, metal and weather-proofed decking wood planks. We only use the best materials in order to bring you a quality product that is long lasting.

  • We use only fiberglass slides, which are the longest lasting and most durable material to use. Plastic slides wear and tear so easily from the sun, and metal slides can get rusty and so hot in the sun.
  • We have fiberglass roofs, not textile fabric that can tear easily.
  • We have beautiful rock-climbing walls and do not use cargo nets which are far less durable
  • Playgrounds made from metal have a long lifespan and can outlast many other materials.
  • We use anti-rust agent and automotive quality enamel paint.
  • We have beautiful colorful designs to choose from and can also customize the design to suit your needs.

For more information about our jungle gyms and playground equipment visit our products page.or Contact Us